New York Trip! (Day One)

My best friend invited me to go to New York with her and her family as a “Before College” trip and of course I said yes. We were to depart on the morning of July 11th from Charlotte.

When we got to the airport, I forgot about the full bottles of toiletries I had in my luggage. With everything going on, I didn’t realize that my bag needed to be checked in as a checked bag, not a carry-on.. During security, my bag was pulled for inspection. It was quite embarrassing when the security woman started pulling out my full sized bottles from my luggage: conditioner, hair products, and body lotion. Awkward! Thankfully the lady was nice enough to offer for my bag to get checked-in instead of throwing my toiletries away. That was not how I expected for this trip to start. I was very embarrassed.

Around 9am, we landed in a borough in Queens called LaGuardia. Our driver picked us up from the airport and took us our apartment that we rented. We found an apartment off of that just enough room for the 5 of us. I highly recommend this website for trips. It definitely gives a comfort and home effect when traveling.

Our apartment was located in Brooklyn (Dumbo) and had a walking distance to the subway, Manhattan/Brooklyn Bridge stores and restaurants. During our stay, we didn’t experience much of the city noise from inside of our apartment. The location was in a pretty quiet neighborhood.

When we arrived, we changed attire and headed out to our lunch reservation at Superfine (also located in Brooklyn, just a few blocks from our apartment). This is the sandwich I ordered.

Grilled Portabello Mushroom Sandwich with fries

The inside of the sandwich contained arugula and caramelized red onions along with a vinaigrette. It was probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve had in a long time. Each bite contained its own burst of flavor. This restaurant knew exactly how to flavor their food with different herbs and ingredients. Definitely a recommend.

After lunch, we hopped on the Subway and headed to Manhattan to see Wicked.

Overall, it was an excellent play. The dynamics of the play were remarkable. Every character played their parts perfectly. Everything was on cue and ran smoothly. Every song performance was done beautifully. You could tell that they worked tons of hours to get it to be perfect. I was very impressed. I’ll be sure to check out more plays soon.

Our next stop was to Central Park. We went for CityFest, a Christian driven movement that has Christian music performances and speakers. This festival had Toby Mac, Mandisa, Matt Redman as well as others came out to perform or to speak.

It was a very beautiful afternoon lying on the lawn. During the festival, I ended up falling asleep on the grass. Oops! I don’t think I’ve ever slept on grass that nice before. There weren’t any mosquitos or annoying little critters out, just nice grade-A grass.

Our last stop was Panera Bread for dinner. This particular Panera was two-stories high for more seating areas. That’s definitely not something we have in the south; at least where I live. Beautiful setting, yummy food.

Overall, it was a busy, yet eventful first day in New York. It started off to a pretty good beginning (except for the airport situation, of course). Be sure to read the rest of the NY posts I will be posting whenever I get some free time!

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