New York Trip! (Day 3)

My life has become really busy with college and trying to adjust to this new chapter in my life. It’s been going well so far and I’ve had a number of new experiences within these few, long months. But now I want to get back into writing regularly while in college. With that, I’ve decided to make it my mission to finish writing about my trip to New York from this past summer because it was so much fun and I want to share my experience. Also, I have so many other ideas that I want to put into writing but need to finish this post and one other first. So here it goes.

That Monday morning, we made our way to a little shop called Jacques Torres. It was just a few blocks from our apartment in Brooklyn on Water Street. When you walk in, you feel like you’ve stepped into a different world than where you were two seconds ago; along with the different aromas of chocolate hitting your face. This place was filled with all sorts of authentic, handmade chocolates. We decided to pick up a few, sit, and savor each piece of chocolate melting in our mouths. Definitely a must for authentic, yummy chocolates.

We hopped on the subway to Central Park to see the Belvedere castle up close and personal. It was mid-morning by this time and the area was already crowded with different schools touring the castle. It was a beautiful castle with much history. When it became less busy, we took the narrow staircase to each level of the castle, admiring its beauty, until we arrived at the top. From there, we were able to view the surrounding areas of New York: Central Park, Manhattan, a baseball field, and more. It was a beautiful, sunny day up that morning. The weather was just right and all the greenery was just beautiful.

After that, we hopped back on the subway to Manhattan for lunch at Macaroon Café. On our way there, we stopped at the mall (Time Warner Center Shops) where we found these famous bronze nude statues at the entrance. Apparently the statues are supposed to represent Adam and Eve. Ha! What a sense of humor. I definitely did not expect to see that while in the middle of a mall in New York..


For lunch, we walked some blocks (1.4 miles) to Macaroon Café for lunch. It was in a tiny, narrow building that somehow squeezed itself within all the buildings of Manhattan. From there, I had a Chicken and Spinach salad with an oil dressing. Something simple but delicious. And of course, we picked up some more macaroons on our way out for some dessert.

Next stop, Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). This was what I had to see while I was in New York since I love artsy things. I ended up seeing some strange things and some really strange artsy things while touring. The next time I visit New York, I want to come back to MOMA and explore all the floors because there was still so much to see but not enough time.

Four blocks up and we ended up at Tiffany & Co. There, we were greeted by very happy employees who directed us to this beauty! It’s a 287-carat Tiffany Diamond. It was gorgeous. It was beyond words. It was perfect. I could not stop admiring the intricate details of that piece. It was divine.


After gazing at it for a while, we headed up to a different floor to see the rest of the jewelry. The jewelry was so beautiful. It made me think about a guy proposing to me on one knee and pulling out a Tiffany blue box from out of his pocket. Pretty much every girl’s dream, including mine. Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll see that blue box.

By this time, it was around six in the evening but I really wanted to see Times Square since we were leaving the next day. My friend and I decided to go and I’m so glad we went. When we got off the subway into Times Square and walked into the city, I fell in love with the atmosphere of the big city. It was surrounded with so many different kinds of people, food vendors, and attractions. My eyes couldn’t stop trailing to different things. There was so much to see, I started to get overwhelmed. Being the girly-girl I am (sometimes), I had to visit Forever21 and American Eagle in Times Square. These places had several floors built-in because there was just so many different styles of clothing. Just walking through the different parts of the stores started to get overwhelming but exciting at the same time.


There was so much to see in Times Square with so many shops to visit. After viewing several other shops, I was getting tired and it was starting to get dark. We decided that it was time to leave Times Square and its non-stop busyness.

My friend and I hopped on a subway back to Brooklyn and head back home. When we arrived in Brooklyn, we realized that neither one of us had eaten dinner. We decided to stop at Dumbo Kitchen and ordered this.


I don’t remember the particular name of the dish but I believe it was Grilled Chicken with Rice Pilaf. It was almost $20 but it looked really good and smelled amazing. We took the food to go and walked back to our place that was just a few blocks away. We popped in a movie, ate our dinner and called it a night. As much fun as it was going to different places, I was glad to finally crawl back into bed at the end of it.

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