The (Not) Bucket List

Here’s to the Bucket list. Here’s to the list of things that I will eventually get around to do sometime in my life. If I want to accomplish a goal, or do something adventurous, it’ll be written in this list. I won’t promise to do everything on this list, but I’ll try to do most of it. 🙂

While in College

Join a club – “Asian club”, “Computer club”, “Runners club”

Go to a college party – October 2015


Get married

Buy my first car

Own a dog

Buy a home

Learn to bake

Become vegan again – 1 week, 1month, 3months, 6months, 1year

Learn a new language (preferably Spanish or tagalog)

Be a mentor to someone

Have a garden  – Basil garden (2015)


Act in a film as an extra

Fly in a hot air balloon

See the Northern Lights

Go stargazing

Take up a sport – Soccer “Happy Feet”, 2016

Go to a concert

Sleep in a hammock Asian Club Spiritual Retreat 2016


Not straighten hair for a year – (Oct 14’-15’)

Bra-strap length

Mid-back length

Waist length

Hip length


5k – 3rd place, 2nd place, 1st place

Nike Running level – 155mi (green), 621mi (blue)

Turkey Trot

Color Run

Run a 13.1 marathon

Run a 26.2 marathon

Conquer a tough mudder

Run at the beach


 Get a passport (again)

Travel alone

Travel alone by plane – Thanksgiving break 2015.

Travel by train

Buy a random ticket somewhere random

Swim with dolphins

Ride on an elephant

Road trip across the country

Good life

Mission trip in the Philippines

Pay for the person behind in line

Volunteer at a pet shelter

Last edit: 17 May 2016




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