College vs. Money: Textbooks

As college is making its way around the corner, I decided to write a post on college textbook options because the campus store is NOT your only option for books. If you have not figured it out already, campus stores overcharge for books, even if you decide to rent your books. Don’t get trapped! Here’s a list of websites that I use and others that I’ve done some research on.


I use Amazon for everything, even for my book purchases and rentals. What I like about Amazon is that they give a price comparison of what you would paid elsewhere but what you’re going to really pay. It is really nice when to find a book thats 50% off of what it typically would be. If you’re not into renting, there is an option to purchase the book, and it will still be a lot cheaper than paying for the book at the campus store. Another thing that I love is Amazon Prime. As I mentioned in my post “20 Things I Learned My Freshman Year“, Amazon Prime has 2-day free shipping, which is great for those procrastinators! But if you do not have Prime, you do get free shipping on orders over $35.


Chegg is great if you’re ordering your books late, because popular title will come with an eTextbook to use for 7-days while you wait for your books to arrive. Not only is Chegg a rental/purchase book site, but you can find textbook solutions, an online tutor, or ask a education question. You can even sell your books to Chegg too! And just as an FYI, they are doing free shipping on orders over $50.

Also, if you order books from Chegg, they usually send a “free gift” along with your books. My friend Dane just received his books today (8/12) from Chegg and received a $20 Shutterfly gift card, Tide Pods sample pack, and a Red Bull energy drink.

Valorebooks (my favorite for fall 2016)

My friend Alexa made a Snapchat story about her struggle with textbook shopping found this website. She made a whole story on how much money she saved when she ordered her textbooks from this website. So I compared prices from Valorebooks with Amazon and Chegg, and I found that my books were $10-$20 lower with Valorebooks. So, for this semester, I ordered the majority of my books from there and saved a couple hundred dollars in doing so. The only downside so far is that I did have to pay shipping for each book, which is $3.95, but they do have free return shipping.

Campus Book Rentals

I haven’t rented books from this website but I did compare prices to other textbook rental sites that I use. The main difference is that they have flexible rental periods, free shipping and returns, and you can highlight the book all you want. I plan on using this website next semester to rent my books because I definitely like to highlight and make notes.


Slugbooks lets you buy and rent textbooks for college. When you type in a textbook title and the book appears, the websites gives comparisons from 8 different rental websites so you can find the cheapest price for your textbooks. I haven’t used this website but from the looks of it, it’s a compare tool to see what other competitors sell the books at.


Tips for college textbooks:

Avoid the campus store! …Unless that’s the ONLY place you can get that particular book.

Buy used, it’s cheaper.

If you rent, KEEP the boxes that the books come in, so you can easily return them.

If a book has a return due date, mark it in your calendar so you don’t forget and get charged!

eTextbooks are an option too, especially if you like to highlight or writing notes in books.


But seriously, don’t get caught spending so much money on college textbooks. You’ll probably only end up using the book a handful of times during the semester.



Btw, this post isn’t sponsored. 🙂


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