Back to College… Year II

Today marks week two of my second year in college and what can I say, it’s already stressful. My major is Public Relations & Graphic Design and this particular semester, most of my classes are project formatted so I definitely have a full load. The first week was filled with late nights, early mornings, and not having enough hours in the day to complete an assignment or study for a quiz.

Within the busyness, I was able to find some time to create my workspace. This space is similar to last year’s, just with some additional pieces. The top shelf contains of a photo book that I made when I visited New York last summer, “Happy Notes”, 3 bottles of my favorite Taco Bell sauce (Verde), and a New York license plate. The middle shelf contains reading books, a mirror, my film camera for photography class, Hello Kitty, and notebooks/journals. The bottom shelf contains my class books and folders, a container for pens and sticky notes, vitamins, my laptop, photo albums, and with a photo of me and my boyfriend.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

With upcoming projects, quizzes, and work, it’s nice to go home to an organized spaced that makes me feel at home…

How do you feel at home while in college?


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