My plan for this summer (at least for half of it) was to do something “adventurous” every weekend, whether it was traveling or attending an event. Here is what I have done so far this summer.


5/4-5/7 | flew to Charlotte to purchase my first car / drove to Durham to attend curly hair meet #ashxtyadventures

5/13-5/14 | drove to Huntsville, AL for a friend’s graduation

5/21 | drove to Asheville for another friend’s graduation

5/26-5/28 | spent quality time with one of my girl friend’s Kailie #partnerincrime

6/2-6/4 | drove to Charlotte and to be reunited with my best friend who studied abroad in Italy this past year

6/8-6/11 | drove home to surprise my mom for her birthday (she was surprised)


6/16-6/18 | travelled to Knoxville for my friend’s 23rd birthday

6/21-6/25 | flew to Puerto Rico for mini vacation

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6/30-7/5 | drove to charlotte for a few days before driving home for the summer


Good summer so far and it’s not over yet. I have a couple surprises that I will be sharing soon. Be sure to subscribe to stay updated.





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