Here’s to another summer in the books! Here’s a gist of what I did this summer.


In May I…

Bought a car

Went to a natural hair meet event (sponsored by Carol’s Daughter)

Travelled to Alabama and Asheville for graduations

Visited the Chattanooga aquarium


In June I…

Caught up with some of my favorite girl friends before the summer got busy

Drove home to surprise my mom for her birthday

Travelled to Knoxville for a friend’s birthday

Flew to Puerto Rico for a short vacation

In July I…

Drove home for the rest of the summer

Tried out some lots of new restaurants

Became an Ambassador for Aerie (see my Instagram for photos) for their ‘back to school season’

Attended a Yelp event where I met the new Yelp Ambassador for my home city

Became Yelp ‘Elite’

Ran almost every morning at 6AM.

In August I…

Said farewell to a future Airman

Added 7,000+ miles to my car

Drove back to TN for start my third year of college


It’s been a great summer. I’m excited about this year as I will be serving as President for PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America), Vice President for The Women’s Collective organization, interning as a Community Relations Intern, and being Yelp Elite. This year is going to be busy but I’m excited for the new positions, new experiences, and growing as an individual.








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