Froday x DevaCurl: Atlanta

Hello lovelies!

First of all, shoutout to DevaCurl and Nia (@FroGirlGinny) for adding more tickets after the event sold out.

The day tickets released, it was also the first day of my internship. When I started to fill out the online form, I decided to finish the form after my internship. I couldn’t be late on  my first day. Unfortunately, by the  time I left my internship and went to finish the form, tickets were SOLD OUT!

I told my friends about it and they were definitely disappointed. We really wanted to go to this event since Atlanta was the closest location Nia was touring. Alyssa and I decided to messages to Nia, explaining the situation and asking if it could be possible to sell more tickets. She replied saying that she would ask and we waited anxiously.

Two days later, Alyssa called me but I couldn’t pick up at that moment, but I knew what that call was about. I immediately went to the website where the tickets were sold and there were more tickets (6 to be exact)! I wasted no time and purchased my ticket.

Fun fact: Alexa was able to purchase the last ticket several hours after I texted her in all caps to purchase the ticket. 


Anyway, if you haven’t met “FroGirlGinny”, she’s a wonderful human being that loves sharing her positive vibes, natural hair journey, favorite music jams, and her love for avocados and plants. At the event, she welcomed all her attendees with a hug and made us all feel welcome. She carried herself in a mature way that you wouldn’t guess she’s the age she is. She’s a beautiful and wonderful woman!

During the event, we listened to everyone’s natural hair journey (including Nia’s); participated in selfie activity (that included possible winners); ate authentic Cuban food (thank you Loca Luna), and took tons of photos with other ladies that attended.


It was such a great experience meeting everyone learning about their natural hair journey and how everyone had a different story. I was blessed to be surrounded with many women (and one man) who wore their natural hair proudly.

photo credit: @frogirlginny




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