29 Hours in Texas

Wow! This weekend definitely was an adventure. ~

This weekend was Peter’s graduation from Air Force training in Texas. Justina were going to fly out Thursday afternoon (around 2) from Chattanooga and land in San Antonio that evening (around 8?). We arrived at the airport, went through security, and waited to be checked off the “stand by” list.

Long story short, we ended up getting bumped off 3 flights, had a gate agent tell us she didn’t have time to get on a different flight, and ended up spending the majority of the day at the airport. Luckily, there were two other gate agents, one of them named Deb, who was kind enough to spend 30-40 minutes helping us change our flight to Charlotte to San Antonio for that evening. On the 4th try, Justina was able to get on the flight but I wasn’t.

By this time, it was 8 in the evening. After talking with another gate agent about  the probability of flying out of Charlotte first thing in the morning, we decided to drive to Charlotte… That night.

From there, we had to figure out how to get back on campus because we were dropped off. Shoutout to Jordan for giving us a ride back to campus.

We ended up on the road around 9 P.M. and arrived in Charlotte at 3 A.M sharp. We slept for 2-hours and got back on the road to the airport.

We caught the first flight out and landed in San Antonio that Friday morning. But then we had another dilemma. How were we going to get on base? We asked the USO for guidance if they had a bus going to base but it left at 8 and another one wasn’t leaving until after 11 A.M.– which was too late. A lady by the name of Wendy, overheard our conversation and offered to give us a ride to base.

Yes, she was a stranger, but I’d like to think she was our angel in disguise. 

We ended up missing graduation, but at least we made it to San Antonio.

There were so many beautiful things to see in Texas. We ended up eating at In-n-Out for lunch, visiting The Alamo, and walking around downtown.


On Saturday, Justina and I were able to get our flights changed to a later time so we quickly grabbed breakfast with family.

We arrived in Charlotte that evening, stayed the night, and got back on the road to Chattanooga Sunday morning.

It was great spending time with family, traveling many hours to and from our destination, and having an adventure. It was great meeting and getting a photo with Nev Schulman and Max Joseph (from Catfish) as well.


– C

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