TeamiBlends | 30-Day Detox

*sips last serving of Skinny tea while writing this post*

Last week I finished my 30-day detox with Teamiblends!

About a month ago, an ambassador from the company Teamiblends reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in trying their 30-day detox tea. I was familiar with the brand but decided to do some research before confirming with the ambassador.

I thought, “sure! Why not? It is a pretty popular tea, it will detox toxins, and it is free.”

A week later, I received my Teamiblends package. It included the Skinny and Colon tea, infuser, and informational guide.

So what is so great about the tea?

According to the website, “when you are drinking the Teami Skinny you will see that you have a natural level of sustained energy and focus, reduction in cravings and appetite, increased metabolism and skin complexion!” And the Colon tea helps with “detoxing and cleaning the body, reaching your health/weight loss goals, ridding the body of toxic waste, improving quality of sleep, and improving digestion.” Plus, it is a natural tea made from different ingredients such as Yerba Mate, Ginger root, and Lotus leaf.

In my experience with both the teas, it did help in reducing my appetite (which was great since I didn’t eat breakfast most mornings). My body was definitely cleansed from whatever I ate and did help improve digestion, probably from all of the “sparkling.” But I definitely felt less bloated and my tummy was flat-er.

The first time I tried the Skinny tea, it tasted like any regular herbal hot tea (says the unexperienced tea drinker, don’t judge me). In fact when I making it, I’m pretty sure I added more than one teaspoon in the tea infuser. The tea helped replace my breakfasts in a good and healthy way.

I drank the Colon tea and for me, it worked the first time (results will vary per person). Let me just say…. Whatever is in that tea had me going to the bathroom and “sparkling” (thanks Michaela for the rated G version of “poop”). On average 3 times before 8 o’clock in the morning. I mean it is called a detox tea for a reason. It is not a joke. But I felt lighter for the rest of the day and had more energy. To be honest, I looked forward to taking the Colon tea because of how well it worked.

So how was my overall experience with the tea? I gotta say, I loved sparkling multiple times first thing in the morning (I know… Too much TMI). It was great getting that out of the way and all at once. The Skinny tea was great and all but I definitely preferred the Colon tea more.

Again, results will vary per person. Along with drinking the tea, it is best to incorporate a healthy diet, regular exercise, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Have I convinced you to start off the new year with some healthy teas? Use my code “TUMBAGAS15” when checking out and save 15% off your order at

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