*sips tea from a cozy Airbnb in Brixton*

Christmas break recently started and I couldn’t be anymore excited about jumping on a plane to visit different countries for the next 3 weeks. During this time, I will be traveling to the following cities with friends: London, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. I didn’t realize this until after planning, but we reserved Airbnb’s for each city. This was great in several ways: 1) I could do laundry at each place, 2) I could pack less, and 3) I didn’t have to pay for check-in luggage. 

For 3 weeks, I only packed my carry-on luggage and Fjällräven Kanken.

Here is a breakdown of the contents:

If I wore some things twice, I had a little over a week’s worth of outfits. Also, I minimized on space by just bringing my Doc Martens as my primary shoes for the trip. Luckily, my Docs were well broken into by this trip. For my coat, I used my Patagonia Micro-Puff jacket, which is really warm considering how thin it is and also packs into itself.

Travel tips:

  • to save room, fold tights/leggings inside of pants when packing.
  • wear your bulkiest sweater on the plane to save room in your luggage.
  • if traveling in the winter, invest in warm, thick socks… Especially if you own Docs. 

I bought a microfiber towel from Amazon that I recommend travelers to purchase.. It dries quickly and doesn’t take up much space, depending on the size you purchase. 

Travel tip: invest in a micro-fiber towel, first-aid kit, and international adaptor with multiple country plug-ins and usb ports.

The packing container I used for my liquids is from Mary Kay’s travel roll-up bag.

The Fjällräven backpack has been one of my backpacks for traveling in Europe. It has a lot of room and is comfortable on the back for all-day travel. 

Travel tip: ALWAYS bring a reusable water bottle (I use a Yeti 36 oz. rambler). After going through airport security, find a Starbucks. They will refill your bottle for FREE. 

So I call this small bag of items the Mom Kit because includes necessities that come in handy in various situations. Bad breath? No problem. Spilled something on your shirt? No problem. Think you have something on your face? No problem. 

I didn’t intend on my earrings being part of the Mom Kit but when my dangling earrings kept getting caught on my turtleneck, it became a good idea to pack another pair of earrings at all times just in case I wanted something more comfortable. 

Travel tip: you can’t go wrong with packing breath spray, a tide pen, and hand sanitizer… It comes in handy sooner or later. 

If you have any tips, suggestions, or questions, comment below! 



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