January – the first month of a new year and the month to begin New Year’s resolutions. I wasn’t sure what to put on my list this year and I honestly find the phrase New Year’s Resolution intimidating. A good amount of people make a similar list every year: go to the gym, be happy, eat healthier, etc., only to find themselves getting overwhelmed after a while and not completing the list. I learned that the more simple and reasonable a list is, the more likelihood of it being completed. This year I decided to change the name to something more familiar for me. I write lists and goals regularly, so why not make a list of goals for 2019?

Better right? Here we go:

  1. Place in a Spartan race – I am so excited to be doing 3 (Trifecta) Spartan races this year. I already paid for all of them so there is no turning back now. My first race is March 9 in Mallorca, Spain.
  2. Read 20 books – I am currently reading How to Win Friends & Influence People and I highly recommend it. I have other books I have started but never finished so this will be easy.
  3. Become a tourist in my hometown – after seeing many European countries, I realized that I have not seen much of my own hometown.
  4. Network, network, network – I have been bless with amazing opportunities thanks to networking.. Here’s so more opportunities this year.
  5. Continue growing inside and out – I want to focus more on self-care whether it is journalling regularly or doing weekly face masks.
  6. Less is more – ever since moving to Europe, I realized I do not need a lot of things. I would love to create a minimalistic lifestyle this year.
  7. Learn, apologize/forgive, move on – the past can be a dangerous place to live in. Plus, life is too short to dwell in the past.
  8. Save money for trip to Europe – I am still in Europe and I am already thinking about saving to come back.
  9. Be consistent with content – I have been consistent with my blog posts recently, I just need to continue with it.

I already started some of the things listed, so I know this list is reasonable enough for me. I will view this list time to time to see my progress and then in 2020, reflect, and adjust accordingly.

What’s on your list? Share below!


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