A Weekend in London

Last Friday, I flew to London for the weekend to see my friend Nia (@niathelight) who I had to see before going back to America. I had not seen her since August at her event where I had my “big chop.”

The next morning (Saturday), we woke up and got ready for a full day in London. This time, I was able to see London from a local’s perspective.

Watch Nia’s video on London here!

First stop: Notting Hill / Portobello Market

The open markets were open and people crowded the sheets. Vendors were selling things like fresh fruit, old cameras, ceramics, etc,. There was even a group of guys singing a-cappella. We found a records shop nearby with so many CDs and records from different eras. A few blocks away were these beautiful colorful homes that stood out from the rest of the streets.

After, we visited The Laslett for tea and scones. Here, Nia showed me the proper way to drink tea and eat scones like a local. Hmmm yum!

Next stop: Picadilly Circus

London’s version of Times Square filled with people and large high-definition screens. I had never been there before and wanted to visit, especially since there was a Whole Foods (there isn’t one in Spain).

Next stop: Camden / Kentish Town 

Lunch time!

I was craving Ethiopian food and Nia had a really good recommendation – The Queen of Sheba. We ordered Sheba’s Special Vegetarian Selection that came with seven different vegetable dishes with plenty of injera bread. The food was so tasty and authentic. It was so good that I had the “itis.”

Next stop: Shoreditch

This area of London is known to be artsy and urban. We didn’t stay here long but we went into some boutique shops and saw different forms of art in the area.

Next stop: Canary Wharf

We stopped at The Vurger Co. for dinner. I ordered their MLT burger, macaroni and cheese, and a biscoff shake which was all VEGAN. Their biscoff shake was definitely my favorite. It tasted like a real milkshake but it was vegan!

At the end of that day, I was exhausted! We went back to Nia’s flat, relaxed, repacked, booked my Uber for 3:20am, and went to bed.

A few hours later, I woke up, got ready, and said goodbye to Nia. I took an Uber, tube, and a bus to the airport to head home in Spain.

If you are reading this Nia, thank you for being a great tour guide. Love you! See you again soon.


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