Germany | A Solo Travel

Growing up, my dad would always tell me about his travels to Europe while he was in the Air Force… I remember him telling me about his travel to Germany and what a great memory it was for him. A few weeks ago, I flew to Germany for a few days.

A girl friend I planned on going together but she became ill before the trip and could not join me. Therefore, Germany became my first solo trip that was more than 24-hours.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, it is pretty inexpensive to travel in Europe. Here are some of the costs for my trip to Germany:


Flight: Ryanair – Valencia, Spain to Frankfurt, Germany

roundtrip: $44.10

Bus: FlixBus – Frankfurt to Munich

roundtrip: $39.58

Hostel: Frankfurt Hostel (Frankfurt) & Euro Youth Hostel (Munich)

total for 4 nights: $78.84

Of course there were other costs like food, souvenirs, transportation, etc., but I won’t include that in this particular post.

I landed in Frankfurt around 10pm that Thursday night. It was about a 2-hour flight and we arrived a few minutes early. Upon arrival, we were directed to get on a shuttle that would take us to our terminal. When I was directed to the bus, the man directed us in German… Note: the only word I know in German is “guten Morgen”, which translate to “good morning.” That surely was not going to get me far if I stayed outside of the city. Luckily a lot of people speak English in Germany.

I took the train to the center of Munich where my hostel was. I stayed in a 10 bed mixed dorm ensuite. This definitely was not my favorite hostel because within the room was a one-person bathroom that was shared amongst 10 people. Although, the hostel did offer free breakfast and dinner, which was a plus and I only need to stay there for two nights.

The following morning, I had breakfast in the hostel then headed out to explore the city. I loved the richness and history within the architecture of the buildings and houses.

For lunch, I headed to Adolf Wagner. It was highly recommended on Google for their traditional German dishes and “Apfelwein” Apple Wine. I ordered Ochsenbrust mit „Grüner Soße“ und Bratkartoffeln which translates to Ox Breast with “Green Sauce” and Fried Potatoes. I wasn’t so crazy about the meat (I’ve been cutting back on eating meat), but it was really tasty with the flavor from the green sauce. The potatoes were cooked perfect and it was perfectly seasoned.

Ochsenbrust mit „Grüner Soße“ und Bratkartoffeln

As I continued making my way through the city, I stopped at Birkenstock where I purchased my first pair of “Air Jesus 4000s” as my friend, AJ, described them (LOL). Later I headed to a nearby grocery store to purchase snacks for my bus ride to Munich the next morning.

I headed back to the hostel and had dinner with some girls that I met that morning in my hostel. We chatted together and ate spaghetti that the hostel for its guests for dinner.

The next morning, I headed to my 6:30 bus around to Munich. It was a 6-hour ride but I kept myself occupied with Netflix, eating, and reading.

Once in Munich, I checked into my hostel, grabbed lunch to go at Dean & David, then took a train to the BMW museum.

Avocado superfood (vegan) / David & Dean
bulgur, avocado, tomatoes, beetroot, grapes, chia seeds, sunflower seeds

Since I am a student, it cost me around 7 euros to enter the BMW museum. I had enough time that I went through the museum twice, just in case I missed something the first time.

I fell in love with the car pictured below. It is the 1955 BMW Isetta – the lovable bubble car. I would’ve loved to travel in that car! It is quite unique and perfect for driving through Europe’s tiny alleyways.

After the museum, I headed back to where my hostel was. I had been up since 5 a.m., and I was tired. I stopped by a food stand and ordered a Currywurst for dinner. I decided to eat at the bar in my hostel where I met two Americans. We chatted for a bit and roamed around Munich that night.

Before getting on the bus back to Frankfurt [airport], I stopped by Dean & David (again) to grab breakfast to-go. I loved the salad I had from there so much that I had to go one last time, especially since I was craving oatmeal for breakfast.

I loved visiting Germany, especially the BMW museum and eating traditional German foods. For my first actual solo trip, I would say that I enjoyed it (mostly). It was tiring and interesting at times, but an overall good growing experience.

See you again, Germany.

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