SPARTAN Race | 23

On March 9, I spent the last day of being 22 by doing my first Spartan race. I signed up for this race months ago and I was excited that the time had finally arrived.

For my 2019 goals, I wanted to do a Spartan “trifecta,” which means I would have to complete 3 different types of races within a year.

  • Sprint – 3+ miles, 20+ obstacles
  • Super – 8+ miles, 24+ obstacles
  • Beast – 12+ miles, 30+ obstacles

Prior to the race, I did train (sorta) and become more aware of what I did and didn’t eat. This particular race was located in Mallorca, Spain. I flew there that Friday, rented an Airbnb, car, and bought some groceries to fuel myself before my race.

From what I can remember, I did obstacles like:

  • Monkey bars
  • Wall climb
  • Atlas Carry (carry a stone, that is approximately 100 pounds, to a certain point, do 5 burpees, and carry the stone back)
  • A Frame Cargo Net (climb up and down a 30 foot frame)
  • Rope climb
  • 7-foot wall climb
  • Inverted wall
  • Spear throw
  • Hercules Hoist (pulling up a weight of 70 pounds (for women))
  • Barbed wire
  • Mud pit (one of my favorite obstacles in the race)

It was definitely a good challenge physically and mentally. There were a few obstacles I failed to attempt the first time, resulting in me having to do 30 burpees on the spot.

For me, this first race was just to see what a Spartan race would be like. I didn’t have plans on placing. My goal was just to finish the race. With the little training I did for the race, I finished in 2:07:17. I was covered in mud, scratched in a few places, and was ready for a shower.

The following day (Sunday), I flew back to Valencia and celebrated my birthday (and Kayla’s 21st) with some friends. We went out to dinner at Ginos and had a really good time laughing and eating Italian food.

I am so blessed to see another year of life and to have spent it with some of my favorite people. I can’t wait to see what opportunities the “Jordan Year” has for me for the future.

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